Helping Cities With Residuals Management

Our work is designed to improve your operation's efficiency and give a clearer view of where your system stands.


The Utmost Care For Your System

We are committed to providing honest and dependable work to each city that trusts us with their water and wastewater residuals. It's about more than finishing a job on time. It's about taking care of communities and keeping them healthy.


The COmplete Package

Before we start any job, we perform a thorough on-site inspection to make sure we're tackling the job in an efficient and safe manner. From cleaning and repairing to hauling and responsible disposal, we do all the work so you don't have to worry.


Refresh your Entire System

Whether you need to increase your capacity or a complete clean out to refresh your system, we've got you covered. We clean and rehab lagoons, backwash ponds, aeration basins, digesters, and raceways for municipalities across the central US.